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Week 8

Things I learned in a physical therapy clinic by Wayne H Glenn The baby weighed 3 pounds. It was a girl with a bald head, blue eyes, and darkish pink skin. “Go ahead, she is tougher than she looks. What you have learned is a valuable skill that helps these babies live” With these encouraging … Continue reading Week 8

When I was young, I always had a horse and a dog. I could ride for miles and miles in the mountains or across the range. I enjoyed those rides immensely. I would enjoy looking at the rims of the mountain, the lakes, the streams, each tree and blade of grass. Later in life I rode on my first jet and what a difference. The word speed sums it up but also altitude, vision, perspective and change. I did not like it at first. I could not see each tree, I could not hear the water coursing down the mountain and I could not hear the singing of birds. Then I realized that I could see forests, mountain ranges, clouds, and the earth from a whole new place. I began to enjoy this new perch. Those feelings are a little like my new experience in the master key master mind alliance. From speed reading to new insights into how I think and how my thinking changes my circumstances reminds me of the change from riding my horse to riding in the jet. Now I am going to enjoy grapes of wisdom grown in the Garden of Hesperides. I will tune into the wisdom of the ages and realize that my life is or can be what I want it to be. I will substitute old habits of limitations and procrastination and failure to new ones of limitless possibilities and positive mindset. I will change from I am too old and it can’t be done thinking to lets listen and learn how it can work. I am excited for this new adventure.

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